About Us

About Us

RAI Financial Services

RAI Financial Services was established to provide best in class credit advice. Ensuring that what we do is in our client’s best interests.

We specialise in providing Mortgage and Commercial Finance for our clients.

Our ancillary services set us apart from our competitors. We can use our network of professional planners, accountants and trades to ensure that any property move, or renovation goes smoothly.

Our mission is to ensure that your engagement with us goes smoothly and is stress free.

About Gurjot Rai

Gurj, has over 20 years in Financial Services, holding senior roles across Banking, Consulting & Insurance. Gurj decided to setup his business to enable customers to take advantage of his experience and background.

His passion for property started at young age, as he spent his time looking through property ads in newspapers. He now spends his spare time walking through show homes and visting land releases across Australia.

We’re here to help, whether you are a 1st time home buyer or looking at your 10th investment property we will provide unparralled service and know how. If your looking to maximise your window opportunity give us a call…

With our network of lenders and products, we are confident we can provide the appropriate advice and product.

Outside of property, Gurj is married with two boys. He is a keen soccer player and manages an over 35’s team, as well as coaching kids teams across the community. He enjoys watching sport and movies on TV. Gurj is also a keen reader of newspapers, sporting
subscriptions to the Financial Times, the AFR and the Economist.